Day 9: Ledar – Thorong Pedi – High Camp (4925m)

It’s time for Karma!

Only one day to go and then we have our big day! Unfortunately, Anna was still struggling to breath. It is impossible for her to walk further. Not what she was expecting at all. But there is always a way 😉 It’s Karma’s turn now! Our group will get bigger by one horse and its porter. KV and Anna just had to wait until Karma is saddled and the rest of us started walking already.

The weather is sunny but chilly which made it quite comfortable. Anyway our pace was super slow and my heart was pumping like crazy. I’ve tried to drink and drink and drink only to prevent headache or dizziness. Seriously, it’s strange to move like a sloth when your nose is even running faster (which was quite annoying). At least we’ve met some familiar faces on the way and it feels like you know most of the trekkers already. It’s like a small community sharing the same experience. Karma, Anna and KV still didn’t show up which kind of concerned us. We couldn’t believe that we’ve already hit Thorong Pedi which should be our lunch place for today. So we decided to wait for the others…

Karma ahead

1,5h have passed until we’ve spotted a horse and a bright red jacket in the distance 🙂 Definitely some good karma out there! As we only had 300m to ascent we didn’t want to have lunch down here as it will be hard enough to get up there. Some fake digestive biscuits and tea should be enough energy to reach High Camp. We got this! And I hated it 😀 I was breathing like a lunatic and my heart was beating in my head. Step by step, pole by pole, centimeter by centimeter – almost there 😀 It took us another 1,5h to reach High Camp. Ouff… And that is just the preparation for the pass tomorrow. You can feel the weather is changing. But first, give me some Dal Bhat! I need the power 🙂

The last 200m altitude to conquer.

Dal Bhat is served.

Dal Bhat mess 😀







After lunch we had to go back into our room but haven’t been allowed to have a nap. Otherwise we won’t sleep tonight and we need the rest and energy as we will leave High Camp 4:30am in the morning. It’s really hard to lie in bed without falling asleep. Especially when you layer up yourself to keep you warm. And then it started to snow a lot and didn’t stop… Super exciting for Mel as she has seen snow only once in her life but also worrying for us as we didn’t know if it will stop next morning.

Rest without napping.

It’s getting hot in here… I wish

During dinner we’ve sat around the stove burning some more poo. That’s what I call recycling recycled material. Sitting inside wearing a down jacket, a beanie and gloves kind of feels strange. Going to the toilet almost slipping as everything is frozen is even worse. Getting back into your room realizing that the snow is also inside makes you wonder. I guess we should just go to sleep and get it over with.

Snowy surprise

Day 10: Thorong La Pass (5416m) – Muktinath (3760m)


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