Day 8: Manang – Yak Kharka – Ledar (4200m)

7am breakfast, leaving 8am - breaking with routine. To our surprise it was not Mel who didn't feel good (even though KV was predicting it due to her disobeying his recommended meals). Anna had some pain in her chest and it was burning when she was breathing. Seems like the blessing of the nun was … Continue reading Day 8: Manang – Yak Kharka – Ledar (4200m)


Day 7: Acclimatizationday Manang

Namaste Trekkers! Isn't wonderful to know you can lie in? No need to wake up early... still I was waking up at 6am and couldn't sleep any longer. My biological clock is working just fine, thanks. In addition to that all of us starting to cough and sneeze - Sharing is caring! Let's just say … Continue reading Day 7: Acclimatizationday Manang