It was time to see the world again. So this time the destination is Bergen, Norway 🙂

I was wondering what is the best option to go abroad, save some money and have an awesome time? The answer was easy: Become a volunteer in a Hostel and meet new people every day! And the best part of it – my job is to connect the people with each other and find out some interesting stories about them 😉 eeeeasy if you don`t have any problems with talking to strangers. And after a few minutes you are almost friends 😀 You can call them real friends when you`ve added them on facebook – that`s what some people say. I`m not too sure about that but at least it helps to stay in contact and to extent your network 😀


So if you are in Bergen – pass by and say hello 😉 I`ll be here until end of September to entertain the guests 🙂

I`m pretty sure it`s gonna be an amazing time here (even if I`m skipping the hot summer in Germany) Back to the roots!


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