Bergen at its Best


This is Bergen – at least a part of it 🙂 It`s a city on the south western coast of Norway and surrounded by mountains and fjords. I think that`s quite a good combination 😉 The city  has a population around 250.000 people. And I can tell you feel quite comfortable among them. They run around in their sporty clothes or dress up a bit “fancy” with their runners on. A quite relaxed folk and all of them seem to be so happy (even if it has almost 250 days of rain per year)

The weather can change a lot on one day – so even if a day is born within fog and rain and clouds it could change to a sunny and sweaty day with the smell of fish from the market. The fish market is actually quite nice and open every day. One thing what you can get here cheaper than other stuff. Heaven on earth for me to get fresh salmon whenever you want!


Apart from the seven mountains which are surrounding Bergen and offer you a lot of nice hiking tracks you can enjoy the wooden old city part called Bryggen. It has been on the UNESCO list for World Cultural Heritage sites since 1979. And it`s really beautiful to wander around. Actually it has a German background as well (it seems like we leave our traces everywhere).

I still have to find out why these people are so crazy about trolls and witches. You can find them either on your hiking tracks or as souvenirs in some shops. But remember – you should not feed them 😀


The small streets and cute little houses give the city a familiar atmosphere 🙂 It`s nice just to walk without a plan to the neighbourhood and have look on all the different styles.


It`s not too bad to stay here 🙂 And there is so much more to see!


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