Hostel Life

Volunteers Bergen Montana – August 2015

Volunteers August 2015

Claudi                                     Julia                                       Isabell                                  Siyu

I`m a volunteer

Ask me –  Don`t blame me



This is what our shirts say 😉 So you can tell that we will give you a lot of answers but give no guarantee on it. Basically we are here to make the time in the hostel for our guests even better than better. Challenge accepted!!

That means we do some hikes, sight seeing tours and other awesome stuff with the people who stay here. But the highlight of the day is the free coffee and cookies in the afternoon – every day!! Can`t be better for a cookie lover like me 😉 And I have to admit black tea with milk isn`t that bad.

A lot of people, a lot of nationalities and a lot of names what I can`t even remember 2 seconds after I`ve heard them. So when I`m coming back I`ll have a certificate for professional communication skills 😀 I just hope it won`t be too much for “normal” conversation – like approaching strangers in public 😀

IMG_1593 IMG_1595

You want to be a social volunteer as well? Then have a look on Volunteering Norway and apply for an unforgettable experience!


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